Everything in photography comes down to one word: vision.

Call it vision, imagination, or seeing; it all comes down to the same thing: the ability to envision a final result in your mind’s eye, and then to make it so with your tools at hand.

It’s never been about the gear. It’s always been about seeing something, knowing how you want it to look, and making it so. Making it so is the easy part; seeing it in the first place is what makes a photographer. Powers of observation are everything. Snapping a camera is trivial.

The confusion is that photography is much easier for a layman to use and create what looks like a technically passable, sharp and well-exposed image. As most beginners discover instantly, simply having the best tools and technically sharp images doesn’t get the glorious, passion-inspiring results they intended.

Artists know they have to drive the camera and make strong changes to basic controls.

Photographers and painters both work from our imaginations. Painters can be a little freer with their imaginations, but now with Photoshop, photographers also can render directly from our imaginations into tangible form.

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About Joelene

I am a photographer with great love for storytelling. My clients will find great quality in very affordable packages.

I work with engagement, wedding, family, baby/children and senior clients. My studio in in the trunk of my car.  I come to you!  I work indoors or outdoors in all seasons.

As a bonus feature, I also have a photo booth. It’s great for weddings, family reunions, graduation parties and any kind of event or party. It makes great memories and can be the life of your party.

The best gift to give yourself and your friends and family are great memories. Let’s make those memories together real soon.

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