Sampling of Props

This is just a small sample of what I have.  For more examples, look through gallery of pictures and see that I have the traditional Black, White, and a Barn wood backdrop, Blue, Brown fuzzy, and a gingerbread house with a solder standing guard.  Plus I like to use nature as a backdrop with outdoor pictures when ever possible.

I have Baskets, an old wooden ice cream maker bucket, big bowl for the Ice cream shoot, an old wagon, little bed for baby, Christmas package box, antique peddle car. Shown in other pictures are stick horses, a Blue rocking horse, Toddler car Moose Hunt), a sled.  I also like to use toys from your own collection.

Clothing Props.

These are all fun, but not an everyday garment.  Some are for just Boys and some for just Girls.  I try to also have a collection of gender neutral things.  I have also used  special clothes that were mommy’s or daddy’s when they were that age.

If you have an interest in a certain look for a picture, and you don’t have it already and don’t see it in my gallery or prop list; talk to me.  I might know where to find that prop or have it and forgot to add it to my list!

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